What is Ad Viewing Jobs? 

Paid SMS are amongst one of the most competent and reliable online projects that can be availed to earn some surplus income. It is the latest technique which enables you to generate some income out of your mobile phone. It is true that people are bothered by barrage of advertisement sent to their mobile phones. With the introduction of Paid SMS scheme the perspective of users towards these SMS ads have been evolved. Now you may want to receive bombardment of unwanted advertisements on your cell phone. The concept is simple and fruitful for the all the parties involved. The functioning of these paid SMS schemes is beneficial for both, advertisers and mobile users and both the parties are bonded by the scheme. The concept is all about advertising and reading the ads. The mobile phone user receives advertisement on their mobile phone. They get paid for every ad they receive and read. They also get paid for ad received by their referrals. This idea is against the normal consumers mind set, but after enrolling for the scheme their mind frame changes and people prefer more and more ads to be sent on their cellular phone.

With the pay to read SMS scheme, the mobile phone user gets to earn some income every time he or she reads an ad. How does this benefit the advertising companies? Well these advertising companies get paid by the seller or the brand which they promote. This scheme helps the advertiser to effectively promote their products among a wide range of consumer segment. The best part is that these advertisements are not unwanted as the receiver is aware of these ads. These advertisers obtain permission from the mobile phone user before they could start sending SMS advertisements on the cellular phone number. The payment system is also uncomplicated. There is a certain threshold of minimum earning that should be earned by the receiver. Once the receiver reaches that set benchmark of minimum earning, he starts getting payment in checks.

Most people assume that this is one of the unproductive schemes available online. However, there are people who are taking the advantage of such schemes and are successfully diverting surplus income towards their account.


I give you the links of such good sites which you use them for earning money through SMS, Email and by viewing videos.

Anyone can earn Good Amount of money by reading SMS daily on your mobile and Email .Some Company pays you like one rupees per sms and per email. You have just to sign up these sites and start getting sms and email. It is quite easy and earn huge amount every month.

Site pays you to read ads on your cell phone! These ads are only about your interests. Not only that, you get to decide when you want these ads. Based on my calculations I can easily make enough money to free up my cell phone bill. I give you the link of this site to join you and earn money.

Also you can earn money simply reading the email in your free time. There are many sites that offer simply read email in your free time and earn money.

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